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The Rolling Stones - 1989-09-09 - East Troy, WI (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

Alpine Valley Music Theater

Soundboard/audience matrix by falo

SBD: Wheels are rolling (VGP 229)
Center Section about 6 rows in front of the board. (Main Floor)
Recorder: Sony TC-D5M ANALOG
Mics: AKG 460 B w/ ULS 61 capsules w/Elbows at 90 degrees

Disc 1 (77:07):
(1) Continental Drift (1:36)
(2) Start Me Up (4:13)
(3) Bitch (3:55)
(4) Sad Sad Sad (3:51)
(5) Undercover of the Night (4:32)
(6) Harlem Shuffle (4:43)
(7) Tumbling Dice (5:07)
(8) Miss You (6:28)
(9) Ruby Tuesday (3:35)
(10) Play With Fire (3:25)
(11) Dead Flowers (4:31)
(12) Rock and a Hard Place (5:32) *
(13) One Hit (To The Body) (6:15) *
(14) Mixed Emotions (5:18)
(15) Honky Tonk Women (4:53)
(16) Midnight Rambler (9:04)

Disc 2 (70:15):
(1) You Can't Always Get What … (8:51)
(2) Little Red Rooster (5:12)
(3) Before They Make Me Run (4:00)
(4) Happy (4:13)
(5) Paint It Black (4:04)
(6) 2000 Light Years From Home (5:49) *
(7) Sympathy For The Devil (6:28)
(8) Gimme Shelter (6:20)
(9) It's Only Rock and Roll (4:20)
(10) Brown Sugar (4:03)
(11) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (8:31)
(12) Jumping Jack Flash (8:18) *

* audience only

Info file, artwork, and md5 signature file are included.

Comments: This torrent was shared by Dime user "Falo" in September 2010 on Hunger City. For whatever reason, it appears the torrent never ran on Dime, so for those who aren't/weren't on HC this may be new. In my opinion, this is well worth the download even if you have the soundboard and audience recordings separately.

The Rolling Stones' 1989-90 "Steel Wheels" tour represented somewhat of a "comeback" for the band, given that they hadn't performed since 1982 and released only one lackluster album in the interim. The tour kicked off in late August and picked up steam with three sold-out (in fact, considerably oversold) shows at Alpine Valley outside Milwaukee. This recording captures the middle show (incidentally, a special one for me because it was my first Stones show).

This recording is a matrix of the incomplete soundboard with an excellent audience tape, representing the entirety of the show. In a way, this file set represents the best of both worlds -- the audience recording (originally shared by Dime member "analog4011") is outstanding as a stand-alone source, but the matrix borrows enough of the soundboard source to lend more immediacy and presence to the vocals and guitar track. I haven't done an A/B comparison against the raw audience recording, but the vocals sound better than I remember them on the audience master. The three missing songs from the soundboard are presented with only the audience source, as is the portion of "JJF" that's cut on the soundboard.

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