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Yes - 1977-09-23 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Los Angeles Forum, CA
Mike Millard Master Tape

Master tape> dat > dat > cd-r > Bias Peak Pro 5.2.1 > XACT > flac


01 Firebird Suite 2:40
02 Parallels 6:18
03 I've Seen All Good People 7:29
04 Close To The Edge 19:31
05 Wonderous Stories 4:26
06 Colors Of The Rainbow 1:11
07 Turn Of The Century 8:09
08 Tour Song 1:21
09 And You And I 10:33
10 Going For The One 6:01
11 Flight Jam 3:52
12 Awaken 17:33
13 Starship Trooper 14:01
14 Roundabout 9:40

Total Time 112:45 (1:52:45)

01. Boost deficient frequencies/EQ.
02. Correct speed.
03. Verify pitch correct.
04. Correct phasing.
05. Adjust stereo field and center sound.
06. Correct inappropriate volume boosts*
07. Correct auto-record level effects**
08. Reduce audience contribution***
09. Repair many audible gaps and single channel dropouts
10. Adjust dynamics
11. Light noise reduction
12. Re-track given 14 songs in 10 source files.****

This remaster should be considered an upgrade to the PRRPSAE 05 version. More advanced software and techniques were used during this project. A great deal of time was devoted to repairing or removing as many clicks, pops and other tape errors as possible, using non-destructive techniques. The audience noise and loud claps were more extensively addressed in this version. *18 segments were found to have an abrupt, audible amplitude boost of 3-6dB. The volume of the sound and the hiss both clearly increased in these segments. These were corrected, eliminating this distraction. **The recording system made frequent adjustments to record volume such as attenuation after a loud clap. These were corrected as much as possible. ***The crowd was very enthusiastic that night. Frequently yells, loud claps and whistles were present during the songs. Where present, they were repaired or attenuated as much as possible. Most applause found between songs was left unaltered.
****Remove redundant sections and track as continuous show. Suggested CD Burn: CD1 Tracks 1-9, CD2 Tracks 10-14

This is an RMCH Remaster that is not part of the PRRP series or the RMCH Series. We do not intend to make artwork for any of these releases, but if you have artwork, please send it to and it will be uploaded to the website.

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