domenica 7 marzo 2021

Santana - 1982-09-22 - Montreal, QUEBEQ (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/audience FLAC)


SBD, but CD 3 is AUD

Carlos Santana
Richard Baker
Graham Lear
Alex Ligertwood
David Margen
Armando Peraza
Raul Rekow
Orestes Vilato

CD-R 1:
01. All I Ever Wanted
02. Primera Invasion
03. Searchin’
04. Well All Right
05. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
06. Oye Como Va
07. Dealer/Spanish Rose
08. Nowhere To Run
09. Incident At Neshabur
10. Incident At Neshabur
11. Savor
12. Jingo
13. Watch Your Step

Total Time (68:39)

CD-R 2:
14. Body Surfing
15. Hold On
16. Runnin
17. Soul Sacrifice
18. Soul Sacrifice/Aranjuez
19. Boogie/Open Invitation
20. She’s Not There

Total Time 59:16

CD-R 3:
21. In a Silent Way/La Bamba
22. Band Intro/American gypsy
23. ?/Europa
24. Shango
25. Winning
26. Blues intro/Shake your moneymaker
27. Armando Peraza/Orestes Vilato/Raul Rekow
28. Bo Diddley intro/Cocaine

Total Time 48:30

It IS a bit strange, I have to admit, since one-third is AUD, while the rest is a stunning SBD. Part of this show was also broadcast as an FM, but this came to me some years as a non tradable SBD. Luckily, my source gave me permission to share it now. The SBD, however, was incomplete, but I also had an AUD source, which I added on CD 3 to make it a complete show.
Some of you might object against this method, but then just leave out CD3 in your download. I could also upload the entire AUD, but listening to the quality of CD 1 and 2, that would ne superfluous, I think. The show itself rocks! Dealer/Spanish rose wasn't played that often and Incident alone is worth the download!! On CD 3 a lot of improvising with some very recognizable riffs. Bo Diddley, La Bamba, Cocaine...those were the days! Unfortunately Winnig is also there.... :))

2 commenti:

  1. A great sounding concert. Brilliant playing and beautifully mixed. Forget about disc 3, as mentioned above, it's an inferior audience tape. Killer versions of "Soul Sacrifice" and "Jingo". Peter. (Sydney)

  2. Marine227.steve.m.santana is your familias as long as you could last am a musition too. Love you and the fans. Great am not from you age group but speclar let me listen to you. Love the art at Sullivan facility.