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Calexico - 2012-09-10 - Tucson, AZ (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast FLAC)

KXCI Studios 

"Locals Only" Radio Program, Hosted by Matt Milner 

FM Stream (KXCI FM Tucson) > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD Wave Editor (Tracking) > Traders Little Helper flac level 8 

JOEY BURNS - Guitar, Lead Vocals 
JACOB VALENZUELA - Trumpet, Vibrophone, Vocals 
SERGIO MENDOZA - Piano, Keyboards, Ukulele, Tambourine 
RYAN ALFRED - Bass, Backing Vocals 
JAIRO ZAVALA (Madrid, Spain) - Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar 
MARTIN WENK (Berlin, Germany) - Trumpet, Multi-instruments 

01. Epic 
02. Splitter 
03. Maybe On Monday 
04. Fortune Teller 
05. Sinner In The Sea 
06. Para 
07. No Te Vayas 
08. Dead Moon 
09. Vanishing Mind 
10. Interview w\Joey Burns 

This was broadcast on September 10th but the program host said the musicians appeared in studio a couple of days earlier. These are songs from the new album ALGIERS. I listened to the Samples for Calexico - High Country Live 2012-Aug-07 FM (tamlyn) and that show sounds more stripped down. This September KXCI show sounds like the full band, more or less. Trumpet and xylophone figure prominently. 

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