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Thin Lizzy - 1980-09-25 - Tokyo, JP (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


CDR Silver->CDR from trade->EAC->FLAC FRONTEND(level 8)

Philip Lynott (bass/vocals)

Brian Downey (drums)
Scott Gorham (guitars)
Snowy White (guitars)
Darren Wharton (keyboards)

Disc 1(45:45)

01.Are You Ready
02.Hey You
03.Waiting For An Alibi
05.Genocide(Killing Of The Buffalo),
06.Do Anything You Want To
07.Don't Believe A Word
08.Killer On The Loose
09.Got To Give It Up
10.Memory Pain

Disc 2(43:41)
02.The Cowboy Song
03.The Boys Are Back In Town
05.Black Rose(with Brian Downey drum solo)
06.Sugar Blues
07.Baby Drives Me Crazy

Running time:89:26


This recording features,the first known recorded live versions of Genocide,Killer On The Loose & Memory Pain. This show is one of the few true soundboards in existance with Thin Lizzy. As you can hear there is no audible audience and the vocals are very high in the mix. The silver was released in Japan in 2006 and this copy is taken from a friends silvers.

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