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Peter Gabriel - A Concert Dream - Don't Give Up (VAR/FLAC)

(Various FLAC)

A Concert Dream: Don't Give Up

d1t01, What Shall It Profit A Man...1993-11-25, Paris, FR
d1t02, Come Talk to Me, 1993-11-06, Berlin, GER
d1t03, The Rhythm of the Heat, 1982-11-20, Madison, WI
d1t04, I Have The Touch, 1983-08-10, Seattle, WA
d1t05, Not One of Us, 1980-09-30, Torino, ITA
d1t06, Only Us, 1993-04-13, Stockholm, SWE
d1t07, Sky Blue, 2002-11-12, Chicago, IL
d1t08, Downside-Up, 2002-11-23, Washington, DC
d1t09, Why Don't We, 1977-03-15, Cleveland, OH
d1t10, Love to Be Loved, 1993-04-13, Stockholm, SWE
d1t11, Wallflower, Santiago, 1993-09-30, Santiago, CHL

d2t01, Across The River, 1993-04-13, Stockholm, SWD
d2t02, Slow Marimbas, 1993-04-13, Stockholm, SWD
d2t03, Shaking The Tree, 1993-04-13, Stockholm, SWD
d2t04, Blood Of Eden, 1993-04-13, Stockholm, SWE
d2t05, Washing of the Water, 1993-07-10, Chicago, IL
d2t06, The Tower That Ate People, 2002-09-18, Milano, ITA
d2t07, Red Rain, 2010-05-03, New York, NY
d2t08, Darkness, 2002-09-18, Milano, ITA
d2t09, Kiss of Life, 1982-07-16, Shepton Mallet
d2t10, Games Without Frontiers, 1983-08-10, Seattle, WA
d2t11, Mercy Street, 1994-08-10, Bethlehem, PA
d2t12, Milgram's 37, 1983-07-03, Werchter, HOL

d3t01, Family Snapshot, 1983-08-10, Seattle, WA
d3t02, This is the Picture, 1987-07-21, Philadelphia, PA
d3t03, The Family and the Fishing Net, 1987-06-25, London, ENG
d3t04, Animal Nation, 2002-12-14, Oakland, CA
d3t05, My Head Sounds Like That, 2002-09-07, Arzachena, ITA
d3t06, I Grieve, 2002-09-18, Milano, ITA
d3t07, Lovetown, 1993-05-17, Milan , ITA
d3t08, Digging in the Dirt, 1993-07-10, Chicago, IL
d3t09, Secret World, 2003-11-24, Brighton, ENG
d3t10, Solsbury Hill, 2010-09-16, Brussels, BGM

d4t01, Lay Your Hands on Me, 1982-07-16, Shepton Mallet
d4t02, Shock the Monkey, 1993-07-10, Chicago, IL
d4t03, San Jacinto, 2012-05-11, Stuttgart, GER
d4t04, Signal To Noise, 1998-12-10, Paris, FRA
d4t05, In Your Eyes, 1999-03-21, Los Angeles, CA
d4t06, No Way Out, 2002-09-18, Milano, ITA

d4t07, Don't Give Up, 1987-06-28, London, ENG*
d4t08, Biko, 1994-06-26, Pilton, ENG
d4t09, Here Comes the Flood, 1993-10-02, Buenos Aires, ARG
d4t10, The Nest That Sailed the Sky, 2010-03-27, London, ENG

notes by the trader
If Peter Gabriel came to me and asked that I put a set list together, this is what I would give him. Our dream concert begins with Shankar as our opener, setting the mood for what's to come. Peter's standard opener, "Come Talk to Me," from "Us" gets us going. "Security" (to my ears, his "best" post Genesis work) experiments with rhythm, melody and percussion like no one had before. "Rhythm of the Heat," the first of many selections from that album, quickly follows with its percussive intensity we'll hear many times during the course of the evening. We then speed into a series of songs exploring themes of birth and loss, belonging and exclusion-as might any good Peter Gabriel concert.

Side 2 starts with what I call the "African Suite:" "Across the River, Slow Marimbas, Shaking the Tree and Blood of Eden." In my mind and to my ears, this sequence of tunes is one song, each piece stronger for its companions. Now we enter the concert's middle section with a collection of uptempo songs from throughout Peter's career. We cascade through "Red Rain," "Kiss of Life" and "Games...;" tunes that showcase the richness of the artist's songwriting, arranging and performing gifts. The final song on Side 2, "Milgram's 37," hilariously shows Peter's savage ironic side as he exhorts, in fact, commands the audience to do as their told.

The songs on Side 3 have Peter singing about family, birth, death, culture, nature, and (again) inclusiveness. "Animal Nation" affirms our relationship to the natural world, with a beat. "I Grieve," a response to 9-11, is for me the most poignant and beautiful musical response to that tragic day. We are welcomed to the final third of the concert by "Secret World" ("...all the places we were hiding love").

Side 4 returns us to the "Security" era, opening with "Lay Your Hands on Me" into "Shock the Monkey" and then segueing into the masterpiece "San Jacinto." The show ends with particularly energetic "In Your Eyes" (of course) and the rarely performed "No Way Out." A special guest joins Peter for this concert's namesake, "Don't Give Up" which seems especially suited to the current times, and works as a perfect prelude to "Biko," a piece about a political prisoner. A gorgeous, emotional "Here Comes the Flood" is followed by the palate cleanser (as Peter calls it), "The Nest That Sailed the Sky. " that closes our dream concert.

The Players:
Phil Aberg - piano
Joy Askew - keyboards, vocals
Ane Brun - backing vocals
Kate Bush- vocals
Tom Cawley - piano
Paula Cole - vocals
Tom Corley - piano
Rosie Doonan - vocals
Richard Evans - guitars, flute, keyboards
Larry Fast - keyboards
Ben Foster - conductor: The BBC Concert Orchestra
Robert Fripp (Dusty Rhodes) - guitars
Melanie Gabriel - vocals
PETER GABRIEL - vocals, keyboards
Jessica Hoop - vocals
Ian Humphries - leader of the orchestra
Steve Hunter - guitar
Inti-Illimani - vocals
Manu Katche - drums, percussion
Tony Levin - bass, stick, vocals
Jed Lynch - drums
Jim Maelen - percussion
John Metcalfe - conductor
Charles Mutter - leader
David Rhodes - guitar, vocals
Alan Schwartzberg - drums
Shankar - violin, vocals
Various - New Blood Orchestra
Melanie Z - keyboards

Tapers: various
Lineage: N/A, All tracks are from the original filesets as previously torrented on DIME, TTD, Genesis-Movement
Notes on Sound Quality: All Audience Recordings except as noted.
Sound Quality is Excellent to Excellent+ throughout except*
*SQ is Fair to Good

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