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Eric Clapton - 1983-07-16 - Morrison, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Soundboard>?>cdr>EAC>Flac frontend 6

Disc one (63:00):
(1) I Shot The Sheriff (6:32)
(2) Worried Life Blues (7:39)
(3) Lay Down Sally (4:40)
(4) Let It Rain (6:30)
(5) Double Trouble (8:49)
(6) Sweet Little Lisa (4:25)
(7) Key To The Highway (5:32)
(8) The Shape You're In (6:01)
(9) Wonderful Tonight (5:32)
(10) Blues Power (7:16)

Disc two (11:50):
(1) Blues Medley (11:50)
Incl. Sad Sad Day
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Ramblin' On My Mind
(2) Cocaine (6:16)
(3) Layla (8:16)

Info file, artwork, and md5 signature file are included.

This was originally posted by "ECMusicMan" to Dime in February 2007. This has been around in trading circles for a long time, but it's not among the more frequently bootlegged shows from this era. I think in part this is due to the fact that the sound quality is a little less than some of the other soundboards that have leaked out, and it's possible this show is incomplete ("Further On Up The Road" closed most shows on this tour, and it would normally have appeared right after "Cocaine"). Nonetheless, it's probably worth the bandwidth for Clapton collectors since there aren't *that* many soundboards that one can be too choosy.

Sound quality is ok. The mix is pretty decent -- you can hear all of the band members pretty well and the vocals are prominent and centered where they should be. It's lacking in fidelity on the high and low ends; this is probably a limitation resulting from the cassette and equipment used for the master, as opposed to a loss due to multiple analog generations (though that could be a factor as well). The cassettes I had (even the "low-gen." ones) sounded pretty much like this; I got a version from noted EC collector Herb Staehr in the 1980s which is comparable to this -- I think this is about the best we can expect. It's not commercial-release quality, but the sound is enjoyable once your ears adjust to the limitations.

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