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Pink Floyd - 1967-2005 - Miscellany (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

This Place Records TPR DVD 004

Video : MPEG-2, 720x576, 16:9, 25fps, PAL, 9300kbps
Audio : 48kHz, stereo, 256kbps

01. Arnold Layne (1967 promo)
02. Point Me At The Sky (1968 promo)
03. Cymbaline (1970 KQED TV show)
04. Grantchester Meadows (1970 KQED TV show)
05. One Of These Days (1972 Ian Emes animation)
06. Money (1975 backdrop film)
07. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (1979 promo)
08. The Fletcher Memorial Home (1983 promo)
09. Learning To Fly (1987 promo)
10. High Hopes (1994 promo)
11. Comfortably Numb (2005 Live8)

Length: 59 min

This one-hour compilation of Pink Floyd videos was produced in 2011, as part of the "Why Pink Floyd?" reissue campaign. It included some fantastic upgrades compared to what was circulating until then, such as the Point Me At The Sky 1968 promo video, Ian Emes' animation film for One Of These Days, and restored footage from the 1970 KQED TV show.

This compilation was first broadcast on 16Sep11 by BBC Four, but as usual with BBC broadcasts showing musical content, some annoying text was added on the videos, to describe parts of Floyd history.

The present DVD comes from a new broadcast of that program, aired by Belgian TV channel CANVAS on 08Dec11. The good news is that the annoying historical descriptions that ruined most of the videos on the BBC broadcast are gone! The videos are now much more enjoyable without the ugly BBC banners and texts. There's a discrete CANVAS logo through the program, but it's much less disturbing that the BBC texts anyway.

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  1. Shame on them to haven't included Atom Heart Mother from KQED!!!!