sabato 21 dicembre 2019

The Bangles - 1986-08-xx - Concert for M.S. (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Great sounding Bangles FM from the height of their popularity.
I have scoured the intarwebs, and can find no sign of this being officially released.

Lineage: master from FM broadcast>M audio sound card>wav>flac editing with CDWav

01. Let it Go
02. Restless
03. Walking Down Your Street
04. James
05. Going Down to Liverpool
06. He's Got a Secret
07. September Gurls
08. If She Knew What She Wants
09. Return Post
10. Live
11. Different Light
12. Want You
13. Angels Don't Fall In Love
14. Hero Takes a Fall
15. Manic Monday
16. encore break
17. Walk Like an Egyptian

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