mercoledì 26 luglio 2017

David Bowie - Little Toy Soldier LP-CD Transfer 24bit-96khz (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

David Bowie - Little Toy Soldier

Venue - Unknown - Outtakes

Label & Nr: ALBINO RECORDS - AL 7153 MC 3104 A/B

Studio - Outtakes  - see Bassman's comments

Lineage: LP-> Transrotor Iron Rec.Player->WaveLab 6 to harddisc as 24bit-96khz WAV -> FLAC 8 --> MWP.

Number of Discs: 1

Artwork: fotos of back- and front-cover (I do not own a scanner)

Total running time:  ca. 21m

Bassman's comments:  A very interesting album in marvelous sound quality! The outtakes stems from '67 -'71.
There's no information on the cover regarding when these songs were recorded, and WAITING FOR THE MAN / LITTLE TOY SOLDIER might be as old as from 1967? A true must in every Bowie collection!

My comments : It is a short record, but the sound quality is just astonishing. I confess, there are very few and only very light crackles on the vinyl, but for  a 30 year old record,  believe me,  you will not  be disappointed when you listen to it, it is  a true gem for lovers of old Bowie-Songs !! 

Info: again - I bought this record in my beloved danish record-shop around 1984, it is an original from the first pressing. The cover says : He Was Allright for the 6. song, but I gave it the right title : Lady Stardust

01 - Waiting For My Man
02 - Little Toy Soldier
03 - Space Oddity
04 - The Superman
05 - Right On Mother
06 - Lady Stardust

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