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Black Flag + Minutemen - 1981-01-09 - San Francisco, CA (DVDfull aud-shot) by REQUEST

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Minutemen / Black Flag  
Date: 1981-01-09 
Venue: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 
Sets: 42min+ 
Media: DVDR (NTSC)
Number: 1 
Source: audience. 1st(?) gen ntsc vhs > sa > dvdr 
Quality: A 

Audio & Video attributes:
ac3, 48000Hz, 256 kbps
mpeg-2, 720x480, 9578 kbps, 29.97 fps

01 Joe McCarthy's Ghost
02 Suburban Dialectic
03 Contained
04 Validation
05 The Punch Line
06 Spraycan Wars

Black Flag
01. damaged II
02. padded cell
03. revenge
04. white minority
05. room 13
06. i've heard it before
07. depression
08. nervous breakdown
09. jealous again
10. six pack
11. spray paint
12. damaged I
13. no values
14. no more
15. fix me
16. wasted
17. machine
18. i've had it

19. police story
20. louie louie

Good audio and video quality except for some little tape damage. This is a great one with the Minutemen opening for Flag. The Minutemen set is shot from the audience, rather short (only 5 minutes) but what a show! All over you like a cheap suit and before you'd catch your breath they're finished. That's the way it's gotta be!

The Flag is shot from stage right with Ginn, Robo, Dez and Dukowski blasting through their set like there's no tommorrow. Damaged I cuts in, so the beginning is missing. Just before the encore you can hear someone in the audience screaming: "Fuck Sex Pistols! Black Flag!!!!" Damn right.

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