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Huey Lewis and the News - 1982-04-01 - Reseda, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Huey Lewis and the News 1982-04-01 W and R Country Club, Reseda, Ca. (FLAC)
Wolf and Rissmiller's
Country Club
Reseda, Ca. USA
april 1, 1982
promoting their album "picture this"
and last 4 tracks, New Orleans, La. Superdome 1986
W&R CC runtime: 71:40 (minutes/ seconds)

FM? maybe sbd? > ? > 
Maxell XLII 90 min. cassette (probably 1st or 2nd gen.) >
played on Tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) > 
flac (sb's aligned)

Huey Lewis and the News
Huey Lewis: lead vocals and harmonica
Sean Hopper: keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Hayes: guitar, backing vocals
Johnny Colla: guitar, sax, backing vocals
Mario Cipollina: bass, backing vocals
Bill Gibson: drums, percussion, backing vocals
with the Tower of Power horns

01: change of heart 3:32
02: givin' it all up for love 3:58
03: trouble in paradise > 3:40
04: don't make me do it to you 3:05
05: stop tryin' 3:45
06: workin' on a chain gang 3:20
07: tell me a little lie 5:18
08: don't ever tell me you love me 3:14
09: so in love 2:27
10: do you believe in love? 4:08
11: the only one 5:25 (end applause spliced)
12: one fine day? 4:28 (end cuts)
13: some of my lies are true 4:40
14: drums 1:21
15: workin' for a living 4:47
16: unknown 4:35 
17: hope you love me like you say you do 4:42
18: nobody really cares 5:14 (end applause spliced)

Superdome, New Orleans, La. 1986
19: the power of love 4:58
20: if this is it 4:47
21: heart and soul 4:09
22: thin line 6:01 

total runtime: 91:35

this is the earliest Huey Lewis recording I've heard. etree notes that this show was on the King Biscuit radio show but not all of it was broadcasted there this may be the full show from Reseda, it comes from a fellow who recorded sbds there for awhile in the early 80's the date information is taken from etree, so it should be right, but they're sometimes wrong. a few of those have been posted recently, and still a couple more are likely to be soon. I think this might be a radio broadcast since it has some between track edits. if so, probably a local one, not the edited national one on KBFH show. not sure of track 12 title, the rest should be right the last 4 songs are "filler" from another show, and included on the source cassette, so I left them in here.

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