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Fish - 1990-03-10 - Rotterdam, NL (AUD/FM/FLAC)

(Audience/FM FLAC)

Date: 10 Mar 1990 

2 Sources: 
Source 1: Audience >Silver bootleg > TLH > you 
Source 2: FM>Analogue tape > Stand alone tape player > Edirol R09 > NERO Wave Editor 4 > Flac 

Anything from Source 2 is marked * 

Sound Quality: B+/A- 

xx Punch & Judy *** REMOVED: Official release on 'The Company' single *** 
02 State Of Mind 
03 Assassing 
04 The Company 
05 Script For A Jester's Tear 
06 Incubus 
07 A Gentleman's Excuse Me* 
08 Sugar Mice 
09 Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors* 
10 Kayleigh* 
11 Lavender* 
12 Heart Of Lothian* 
13 Big Wedge 
14 Fish and audience doing an ID for Radio Veronica* 
11 Internal Exile* 

Info from Source 1: 
This one seems to only exist in incomplete versions. I picked up this in the mid 90's at an import shop in Sydney as a silver bootleg entitled "In the Company of Freaks", released on the Rockland label As such I dont have any info about lineage, taping equipment etc. prior to it being on this CD. 

Info from Source 2: 
I didn't do anything to improve the recording, apart from fading in at the beginning of track 01 (Veronica ID) and fading out at the end of track 07 (Heart Of Lothian - ed), ad splitting the recording into several tracks. 

This recording was broadcast by Radio Veronica, most probably on Dutch radio show Countdown Cafe in 1990. It's part of the concert Fish did in the Ahoy in Rotterdam on 10 March 1990, after having left Marillion. I actually was at that concert at the time.

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