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Joe Jackson Band - 2003-07-20 - Rome, IT (DVDfull pro-shot)

Joe Jackson Band - 2003-07-20 - Rome, IT
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Joe Jackson Band 
Rome, La Palma Club 
20 July 2003

Technical info: 
Video Codec; MPG 2 
Frame Rate: 9800 
Bitrate: 25 pics/sec 
Frame: 720 x 576 
Audio: 224 kb/s 
Screen: 4:3 PAL 

Joe Jackson: keyboards, lead vocals 
Gary Sanford: guitar 
Graham Maby: bass, vocals 
Dave Houghton: drums, vocals 

01. Interview 
02. Steppin' Out (solo) 
03. Take It Like A Man 
04. Look Sharp! 
05. Awkward Age 
06. Down To London 
07. Jamie G. 
08. On Your Radio 
09. Is She Really Going Out With Him? 
10. Blue Flame 
11. Home Town (solo) 
12. Be My Number Two (solo) 
13. It's Different For Girls 
14. Fairy Dust 
15. Thugz 'R' Us 
16. Sunday Papers 
17. One More Time 
18. Got The Time

19. Blaze Of Glory 
20. I'm The Man 

Total running time is 1 hour 44 minutes. 

No lineage, got this in a trade. Excellent quality, it looks like an early digital capture. It has a menu and all. The interview and talk between songs have Italian subtitles. Some very minor issues: there are one or two glitches and a small green bar at the left side of the screen is present (a typical digital artefact). Apart from that it is very enjoyable. 

Since Joe Jackson will start a major tour of the US and Europe shortly, it seems like a good time to dig up some old stuff, just to get in the mood. This is a tv broadcast of the reunited Joe Jackson Band playing a jazz festival, somwhat to their own puzzlement. The show is in support of their then new album "4". They play an excellent concert, mixing old an new songs, and seem to be really enjoying themselves. Things start with a 17-minute interview (fairly interesting, it's mainly Joe talking), then the full show follows.

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