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Guns n' Roses - 2018-07-21 - Gothenburg, SWE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Date: 2018-07-21 
City, Country: Gothenburg, Sweden 
Venue: Ullevi Stadium (outdoors) 
Source: Complete MASTER Audience recording 

Taper: Jontebus 
Source: Sony PCM-M10, internal microphone (24bit/48kHz) 
Location: 15-20 meters, right PA 
Mastering: Jontebus 
Notes: Volume raised. Tiny bit of EQ to my own taste. Downsampled to 16bit/44,1kHz. 

01 - Intro 
02 - It’s so easy 
03 - Mr. Brownstone 
04 - Chinese democracy 
05 - Welcome to the jungle 
06 - Double talkin’ jive 
07 - Better 
08 - Estranged 
09 - Live and let die 
10 - Slither 
11 - Rocket queen 
12 - Shadow of your love 
13 - You could be mine 
14 - Attitude 
15 - This I love 
16 - Civil war 
17 - Yesterdays 
18 - Coma 
19 - Slash guitar solo 
20 - Speak softly love (theme from Godfather) 
21 - Sweet child o’mine 
22 - Wichita lineman 
23 - Don’t cry 
24 - Used to love her 
25 - Wish you were here 
26 - Part of Layla 
27 - November rain 
28 - Black hole sun 
29 - Knockin’ on heaven’s door 
30 - Nightrain 
31 - Patience 
32 - Madagascar 
33 - The seeker 
34 - Paradise city 

Length: 03:26:00 

So. Been doing this now for 26 years almost exactly. You would think I know my shit by now and that I don’t do any rookie-mistakes? WRONG! Ok. This started out great, I was able to get VIP- tickets for the show, making sure I could stand as close to the speakers as possible by buying tickets through the fanclub in advance. Great! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Saw GNR with Izzy in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 and this will be as close as one can come to that. Nothing will top 1991 though, sorry. Who tours with 2 (!) albums that haven’t been released yet? Well, GNR did and it was stunning. Also Skid Row opened that show and it was my first time seeing them as well. Magic. Miss the old days sometimes, you never get those package shows anymore… 

Anyway! Me and my brother came in without any hassle, and I went all the way in the back of the arena to set up my gear at the ”bajamajas” (portable bathrooms/toilets) but saw a MASSIVE que to even get into one… Panic. The bar-area had been even more expanded since my last show here in early june (Foo Fighters) so the available portable ”bajamajas” was reduced. Also 
a t-shirt stand had been put right in the path of getting to them. Clever! NOT! After a good wait I finally got into one and started gearing up. Laying out the cables, connecting everything, putting the recorder in REC-mode to see all was working. But wait…. I’m missing the 3,5mm cable from the tinybox to the recorder!!! 

No, no, no, no, no!!!! There’s no way to even use the expensive microphones + batterybox! Panic!!! Maybe I should just NOT record. After smelling the poo/piss inside the ”bajamaja” for a few seconds I decided to record anyway, only using the internal microphones on the SONY M10. Better to have a recording than to not have one at all I thought. 

I returned from the chaos in the back and took a nice spot right in front of the right PA, there was A LOT of space available up front, since they only had toilets on the left side, and people tend to drink a lot of beer on sunny days like this, so I was almost by myself. At least I won’t get so much shouting/clapping in the recording I thought. Put the recorder in the right pocket on my shirt and waited for the show to start. 

As the show ended and I got home I really didn’t think this would sound any good, at all, for all I know internal mics on a portable recorder can’t be any good, right? Well it turns out I’m wrong. Dead wrong. This sound really excellent - despite being ”just” the internal mics! I’m really pleased it turned out so good and therefore thought I’d share this with you. Turns out I’ve been right the whole time - it’s 80% about where you stand if you’re gonna get a good recording! Another 10% is experience and the last 10 is quality of the gear itself. I always say: save up some money and get decent gear right away, nobody wants to hear a crappy recording even though you have stood dead silent for 3 hours and I’m not saying I disagree now - but don’t give up: practice, practice, practice before you get your hands on the really expensive stuff (Schoeps and those brilliant detailed mics). 

You STILL can make a fantastic recording out of it. 

Remember: 206 (!!!) minutes of a great show with Guns n’ Roses, is equal amount of time of total silence for me… 

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