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Genesis - 1987-07-04 - London, UK (FLAC) "Live In The City Of Light"

(pre-FM FLAC)

Live in the City of Light: Wembley, 4th July 1987, BBC Pre-FM Master DAT

Trade CD (very low gen at time of recording surfacing) > EAC (Secure mode) > FLAC Level 8

01 - Mama 07:15
02 - Abacab 12:13
03 - Domino 12:01
04 - That?s All 05:02
05 - The Brazilian 06:20
06 - In The Cage / In That Quiet Earth / Afterglow 17:00
07 - Land Of Confusion 07:36

01 - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 09:28
02 - Throwing It All Away 07:08
03 - Audience Participation 04:43
04 - Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea 11:57
05 - Invisible Touch 05:11
06 - Drum Duet 05:56
07 - Los Endos 10:05
08 - Turn It On Again + Medley 14:20
Total Running Time 2:16:15

A brief story - this recording, taken from a Pre-FM master DAT, was supposedly auctioned for charity, with a guy who shall remain nameless posting messages to Paperlate about a charity auction, sanctioned by Hit and Run. He claimed that Hit and Run had provided 5 copies of this recording and 5 copies of a Phil Collins live CD to be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Whilst the sound quality of this recording makes the story plausible, the quality of the PC CD (which I bought) was pretty rubbish and in fact there was never any more news from the supposed auctioneer about which charity would benefit or the total amount raised. It's now widely believed that this whole story was bogus, so the idea of this being sourced from Hit and Run is very unlikely.

Still I do believe that a very well known G-trader was approached by someone who had a contact at the BBC with regards to digitising their master DAT of this show and that's where this recording originated.

There are a couple of minor flaws during 'Throwing It All Away' and 'Home by the Sea' which orignate on the master DAT but otherwise this is perfect - certainly the best sounding boot in Genesis History.

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