venerdì 5 agosto 2022

Roger Hodgson - 2012-08-21 - Lewiston, NY (IEM/FLAC)



Taper: Conan
Gear: ICOM receivers > Marantz PD620
Mastering: Cool Edit Pro

01 intro
02 Take the Long Way Home
03 School
04 In Jeaopardy
05 Lovers in the Wind
06 Hide in Your Shell
07 Breakfast in America
08 Lady
09 band intros
10 Cest le Bon
11 The Logical Song
12 Death and a Zoo
13 If Everyone was Listening
14 Child of Vision
15 Sister Moonshine
16 Dreamer
17 Fools Overture
18 Give a Little Bit
19 It's Raining Again 

A fantastic SBD recording! If it weren't essentially in mono you could make a live album from this. Previously uncirculated, I have finally gotten permission from the taper to let this one out.

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