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Van Halen - 2015-07-11 - San Bernardino, CA (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

San Manuel Amphitheater

Birate 9058
Framerate 29.970
720 x 480
16: 9

Audience filmed by "Hellrazor"
Panasonic Lumix - DMC ZS50 > Nero > dvd decrypter

01 - Light Up the Sky
02 - Runnin' With the Devil
03 - Romeo Delight
04 - Everybody Wants Some!!
05 - Drop Dead Legs
06 - Feel Your Love Tonight
07 - Somebody Get Me a Doctor
08 - She's the Woman
09 - China Town
10 - I'll Wait
11 - Drum Solo
12 - Little Guitars
13 - Dance the Night Away
14 - Beautiful Girls
15 - Women in Love
16 - Hot for Teacher
17 - In a Simple Rhyme
18 - Dirty Movies
19 - Ice Cream Man
20 - Unchained
21 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
22 - Guitar Solo
23 - You Really Got Me
24 - Panama
25 - Jump

An amazing show by Van Halen and I think the video came out great. I had pretty good seats and it worked out the angle I had put Alex right behind Eddie so they are both in frame together, once in a while there is an arm that pops up on the video that is also in line with Eddie, but it`s not to much of a distraction. There`s a few jumps in the video and the reason is there is a 30 minute setting limit on this cam, so I try to stop & start it between songs to avoid a mid song gap. There is a battery change at the end of Beautiful Girls and it cuts off the beginning of Women In Love and also during Women In Love security comes to search the dude sitting next to me so I put my camera down for a bit untill they split. During Hot For Teacher someone get onstage and stands in front of Eddie and shows him a piece of paper, security promptly gets him off the stage...Check samples before downloading, but in my opinion this is a stellar show!!

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