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Black Sabbath - 1992-07-24 - Sunrise, FL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sunrise Musical Theater
Excellent or Excellent plus unknown generation audience recording
Axefiend's collection

Tony Iommi - Guitar
Ronnie James Dio (RIP) - Vocals
Geezer Butler - Bass
Vinnie Appice - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards

01) Soundcheck_E5150 (03:47)
02) The Mob Rules (03:17)
03) Computer God (06:09)
04) Children Of The Sea (07:22)
05) Time Machine (04:59)
06) War Pigs (08:26)
07) I (06:45)
08) Die Young (02:12)
09) Guitar Solo (09:32)
10) Black Sabbath (08:52)

01) TV Crimes (04:37)
02) Master Of Insanity (03:58)
03) After All (The Dead) (03:26)
04) Drum Solo (03:56)
05) Iron Man (07:30)
06) Heaven And Hell (14:12)
07) Neon Knights (09:02)
08) Paranoid (07:05)

Running time: 01:55:08 min

Notes by the uploader

I already uploaded a version of this recording here at Dime on 2010-08-05. I got it from Sabbatology. It had amazing sound, but turned out to have some bad-sounding digital errors (e.g. in track 9 of disc 1 "Guitar Solo" at about 6:50 min of that song). Another version that I listened to didn't have those errors, but sounded MUCH worse - probably it was from a different source. (As far as I know, 3 (!) video sources of this show exist. I don't know however whether all available audio versions are sourced from video, or whether there is also an audio source.)

Anyway, for almost two years after my first upload, I have looked for a version that sounds as stunning as the one that I uploaded in 2010, but doesn't have those annoying defects. To make a long story slightly shorter: finally I asked axefiend, a member of the Deep Purple Hub, and he helped me immediately! He had exactly what I was looking for, and here it is for all of you! PLEASE ADDRESS YOUR THANKS TO HIM!

Running time, track-splitting and sound are exactly the same as in my 2010 upload, but this one doesn't have those annoying errors! (Or at least it doesn't have the abovementioned error in track 9 - please tell me if you find any defects in this upload.)

About the lineage I can only say that axefiend got it on 2 CDs in a trade years ago, and that it is an audience recording with a GREAT sound: EX or even EX+, which is quite exceptional, because usually I don't give and EX+ rating to an AUD recording. Check the samples. And they played "TV Crimes"!

The audience noise fades out and in between track 10 and 11, so this fits the "Children of the Machine" artwork better than the "Save the Elf" artwork.

Quote from (RIP):
"Mid-way through the first verses of "Iron Man", Ronnie forgets the words! The band waits for him to get it together and he manages to regain his footing."

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