lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

Jimi Hendrix - The Cry Of Love Sessions (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

1970 studio outtakes


Disc 1:
01. Studio chatter
02. Drifting alt mix
03. Night Bird inst.clip 1
04. Night Bird inst.2
05. Night Bird
06. Night Bird inst.4
07. Night Bird w/vocals 5
08. Night Bird inst.6
09. Night Bird inst.7
10. Dolly Dagger
11. Freedom w/piano
12. Freedom inst.2
13. Freedom lead gtr alt 3
14. Studio chatter clip girl
15. Freedom 4
16. Inst gtr clip
17. Drifting chatter bkgrd 1
18. Drifting backwards 2
19. Drifting chatter Jimi 3
20. Inst Jimi chatter
21. Drifting backwards w/vocals

Disc 2:
01. Drifting alt.1
02. Drifting alt.2
03. Drifting inst.
04. Inst. gtr. clip 2
05. Inst. gtr. clip 3
06. Drifting alt.3
07. Drifting inst. chatter
08. Tuning/Drifting clip/Inst. clip
09. Drifting alt.4
10. Drifting alt.5
11. Studio chatter
12. Drifting alt.6
13. Gypsy Boy
14. Machine Gun
15. Inst. gtr bass clip
16. Drifting inst.2

This recording is the 3rd and last one I got from Mikesline's old cassettes. Mikes converted the recording to 2 single flac files and I used audacity to separate them into tracks just like for the others. The cassette tracklist did not match to the tracks I could edit for disc I renamed it. I did not take time to check if all the session is available somewhere else but a portion is known as "Drifting overdub sessions", july 23, 1970, available in "Electric Lady Studios Mixing Session". I don't know if all the stuff here is from that day. There are a lot of cuts and drops, sound is still a little tin but there are some interesting moments.

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