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The Chieftains - 1980-05-xx - Sydney, AU (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast flac)

McFadden's Handsome Daughter 
Sydney Townhall 
Sydney, Australia 
ABC-FM broadcast 

Gen2 analog>SHN/CDR 
(conversion master/slight hiss) received SHN from archivalgroup in trade > renamed tracks, fixed sbe with TLH > flac level 8 

CD1 : 
01.Dronway Maggie 
02.Mrs. Judge 
03.Maggie in the Woods 
04.Traveling Around Blarney 
05.Up Against The Bauchalarvns 
06.The Farie's Lamentation 
07."Derek Bells Big Surprise" 
08.The Crosses of Anna/McFadden's Handsome Daughter 
09.Women of Ireland/The Love Theme from Barry Lyndon/The Fairie's Hornpipe 
10.The Pretty Girls from N'ao 
11.The March Of The King Of Laois or Ruari Og O Mordha 
12.When The Man's in Love 
13.Freel's Kitchen 

CD2 :
01.Reel Medley: a. Tara Bolton b. Lucy Campbell 
c. Carolan's Reel for Drinking Whiskey 
02.Carolan's Welcome 
03.Reel Medley: a. Boil the Breakfast Early b. Scotch Mary c. Chicago Reel 
04.Carolan's Medley: a. Planxty McGuire b. Charles O'Connor c. Farewell 
05.Shleeve IMon 
06.County Donegal Jig/Paddy O'Rafftey 
07.Joseph Baker 
08.The Books Ord Moore 
09.Highland March From Oscar And Malvina 
10.She Promised, She Promised, She Promised That She'd Come 

11.Carolana's Concerts
12.The Trip to Durham/The Fox Hunter's Reel

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