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Rod Stewart w Jeff Beck - 1984-07-08 - Seattle, WA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Tacoma Dome

FM Broadcast (unknown hardware) -> CD-R (unknown generation) -> EAC (secure) -> FLAC (L8)

Additional lineage for edits:
FLAC -> WAV -> Adobe Audition CS6 -> TLH (fix sector boundaries errors) -> FLAC (L8) -> Winamp (add tags)

Rod Stewart - vocals
Jim Cregan - guitar
Robin Le Mesurier - guitar
Jay Davis - bass
Tony Brock - drums
Kevin Savigar - keyboards
Jon Coury - keyboards
Jim Zavala - saxophone, harmonica
Nick Lane - horns
Lee Thornberg - horns

1. The Stripper - intro
2. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
3. You Wear It Well
4. Hot Legs
5. Tonight's The Night
6. You're In My Heart
7. She Won't Dance With Me
8. All Right Now
9. Young Turks

1. Infatuation *
2. People Get Ready *
3. Rock My Plimsoul *
4. I Ain't Superstitious *
5. The Pump *
6. Bad For You *
7. Passion
8. Gasoline Alley
9. Maggie Mae

Total playing time: 1:27:12

 w/ Jeff Beck - guitar

Excellent FM broadcast of Rod's 1984 Camouflage tour, this is the beginning of the tour when he was supposed to have Jeff Beck play every night with him. Of course, they fought, and after only a few nights Beck left the tour. Beck plays on cd2, INFATUATION thru BAD FOR YOU. This is a good, strong concert, and it makes you yearn for a time when they can put their differences aside and play again. Rare live tracks on here include ALL RIGHT NOW (a Free cover), I AIN'T SUPERSTITIOUS, and GASOLINE ALLEY. THE PUMP is a good, grinding instrumental from Beck. Anyways, if you still haven't gotten this, please enjoy!

The last track on each cd included the length of the unused disc space - whoever made this originally didn't know what they were doing I guess... I haven taken the liberty to edit those tracks. Copies of the original bootleg have been here several times, but not this edited version.

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