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Aerosmith - 2012-07-21 - Philadelphia, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

VENUE: Wells Fargo Center
PLACE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
DATE: July 21, 2012

RECORDING EQUIPMENT: Third Generation iPod (A.K.A. iPod Nano)
Belkin TuneTalk™ Stereo for iPod (HQ setting, which records in .wav format)
Transferred 1:58:28 recording into iTunes (still .wav format)
Audacity to break apart into 23 individual tracks** (exported from Audacity in .flac format) "ffp.txt" and ".md5" files generated using xACT for Mac OS
I used the "Verify Checksum File" option in xACT and included a screenshot of the verifications...
**There was no equalizing/adjusting done in Audacity; just used to break apart the large music file.

01. Intro Tape 1:35
02. Draw the Line 4:49
03. Love in an Elevator (w/"Lady Madonna" snippet) 6:39
04. Lick and a Promise 3:30
05. Livin' on the Edge 7:02
06. Cryin' 5:46
07. Oh Yeah 3:53
08. Brad Whitford Solo/Last Child 7:04
09. Joey Kramer Drum Solo 5:18
10. Rag Doll 3:04
11. The Peter Gunn Theme 1:39
12. Boogie Man (Steven Tyler ad-libs to this instrumental) 1:48
13. Combination (Joe Perry on lead vocals) 3:34
14. What It Takes* 5:33
15. Rattlesnake Shake 8:01
16. Legendary Child 4:03
17. No More No More 5:01
18. Tom Hamilton Bass Solo/Sweet Emotion 7:20
19. Walk This Way 3:52

20. Encore/Crowd Noise 2:21
21. Dream On 4:22
22. Train Kept A-Rollin' 5:05
23. Chip Away the Stone** 3:35

*Before "What It Takes," Steven sings some kind of bluesy piano number that has lyrics something like, "All at once my eyes opened…feline' down…I realized…saw…face." If you know what this song is, can you please list it in the comments for this torrent? Thank you in advance.

**My party left after "Train," but then I heard "Chip Away the Stone" and ran back in. I missed the first two guitar verses but it cuts in just in time for when Steven started singing.

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  1. Anyone know if the Cheap Trick set from this night is floating around? Would love to ehar that one!