domenica 8 marzo 2020

Oasis - 1997-11-19 - Munich, DE (FM/AUD/FLAC)

(FM/Audience FLAC)

01. DJ Intro
02. Be Here Now
03. Stay Young
04. Stand By Me
05. Supersonic
06. Some Might Say
07. Roll With It
08. D'You Know What I Mean ?
09. Magic Pie
10. Don't Look Back In Anger
11. Don't Go Away
12. Wonderwall
13. Live Forever [FM / AUD]

14. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
15. All Around the World
16. Fade In-Out
17. Champagne Supernova
18. Acquiesce

Length : 115.42

Notes by the uploader
- I have merged two sources, the incomplete FM and then the remainder of the AUD source.
- I could have taken the complete AUD of LIVE FOREVER and made this very easy but I tried to get as much of the FM before cutting to the AUD source!
- I thought people may like to have the best possible complete version of this great show.

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