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Jimi Hendrix - 2 Nights at the Fillmore East (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Jimi Hendrix
2 Nights at the Fillmore East 
[6CD BoxSet Limited Edition Liberated Bootleg]

Product details
Audio CD (16 Jul 2007)
Number of Discs: 6
Format: Box set
Label: Voodoo Chile Export

Disc 1 (First show 7.30pm 31st December 1969)
01. Bill Graham intro [0:00:35.59]
02. Power of Soul [0:05:12.53]
03. Lover Man [0:03:12.09]
04. Hear my Train a-Comin' [0:09:31.22]
05. Changes [0:05:57.50]
06. Izabella [0:03:28.53]
07. Machine Gun [0:08:49.51]
08. Stop [0:05:06.54]
09. Ezy Rider [0:05:55.64]
10. Bleeding Heart [0:06:25.58]
11. Erth Blues [0:06:28.18]
12. Burning Desire [0:09:15.64]

Disc 2 (Second show Midnight 31st December 1969 / 1st January 1970)
01. Also sprach Zarathustra [0:02:22.69]
02. Auld Lang Syne [0:02:53.44]
03. Who knows [0:09:13.49]
04. Stepping Stone [0:05:29.33]
05. Burning Deisre [0:02:43.46]
06. Fire [0:05:13.38]
07. Ezy Rider [0:04:44.52]
08. Machine Gun [0:13:49.17]
09. Power of Soul [0:06:41.11]
10. Stone Free [0:17:15.39]

Disc 3 (Second show (conclusion)
01. Changes [0:10:09.17]
02. Message To Love [0:03:52.52]
03. Stop [0:07:23.24]
04. Foxy Lady [0:13:06.62]
05. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) [0:04:20.66]
06. Purple Haze [0:03:23.10]

Disc 4 (Third show 7.30pm 1st January 1970)
01. Bill Graham intro / Who Knows [0:10:40.07]
02. Machine Gun [0:12:33.50]
03. Changes [0:07:22.35]
04. Power of Soul [0:06:15.40]
05. Stepping Stone [0:05:31.34]
06. Foxy Lady [0:07:09.14]
07. Stop [0:05:44.29]
08. Earth Blues [0:04:54.25]
09. Burning Desire [0:08:21.35]

Disc 5 (Fourth show 9pm 1st January 1970)
01. Bill Graham intro / Stone Free [0:12:55.07]
02. Changes [0:05:09.55]
03. Power of Soul [0:06:54.73]
04. Message to Love [0:05:23.24]
05. Earth Blues [0:05:59.40]
06. Machine Gun [0:11:56.60]

Disc 6 (Fourth show (conclusion))
01. Voodo Child (Slight Return) [0:06:02.00]
02. We gotta Live Together [0:16:43.30]
03. Wild Thing [0:03:15.03]
04. Hey Joe [0:04:03.00]
05. Purple Haze [0:04:36.72]

'Changes' was a song that could have summarized Jimi Hendrix's life in 1969: arrested on heroin possession charges in Canada in May, the break-up of The Experience in June, formation and disbanding of a new group in July to play Woodstock, forming yet another group in October and, finally, acquittal of charges in December. It was just another turbulent year in the short, incandescent career of one of the 20th century's most influential musicians. Agreement was reached with renowned promoter Bill Graham, a staunch supporter of Jimi, to perform two shows each evening on December 31st 1969 and January 1st 1970 at his New York Fillmore East venue. All four shows were to be recorded and filmed and there was a get-out clause in the contract if Jimi was found guilty at his Toronto trial on December 8th and jailed. In the event, Jimi's honest approach to trial questions convinced the jury of his innocence in this case and he was acquitted. As the Fillmore engagements were not only New Year's Eve/Day shows but also the start of the new decade, Bill Graham marked the occasion by dressing his ushers in special shirts and putting toy tambourines on each of the venue's 2,639 sold-out seats. The concerts opened with a young gospel choir, Voices of East Harlem, prefacing the Band of Gypsys first 75-minute set. Jimi, in true individualistic style, nailed his colours to the mast. These recordings are captured here in this limited edition box set which transports the listener back to the heady days of late '60s, giving those who never experienced a Gypsys concert the chance to hear 6 complete performances without even leaving home! 6 complete Fillmore East performances. 31st December 1969-1st January 1970 -- presented together for the first time. Officially licensed from the estate of Hendrix's former manager, Michael Jeffery. Limited edition -- only 2000 copies world-wide. Featuring Jimi Hendrix: guitar and vocals; Billy Cox: bass and harmony vocals; Buddy Miles: drums and vocals.

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  1. I actually paid money for this boxset, now it's here for free. Peter. (Sydney).

  2. A set of 10 is 1-10. No, it doesn't end on 09. So, NO the new decade did NOT start until 1971... not 1970... idiots.

  3. Thanks for sharing this extensive record of Jimi and would his Band of Gypsys bring in a new decade - one that end so soon for the guitar genius.