lunedì 1 marzo 2021

All "Graf Zeppelin" boots available on Dime (All links will expire on march 1st.... so hurry up!!!!!) with updates

(new 27/02/2021 will expire on march 6th)


(all these links will expire on march 1st)
LZ 1969-04-24+04-27 San Francisco (Graf Zeppelin)
LZ 1969-07-20 Warrensville Heights (Graf Zeppelin 2020)
LZ 1969-07-21 New York (Graf Zeppelin 2009)
LZ 1969-07-25 West Allis (Graf Zeppelin 2009)
LZ 1969-10-12 London (Graf Zeppelin 2020)
LZ 1969-10-30 Buffalo (Graf Zeppelin 2020)
LZ 1970-03-21 Vancouver (Graf Zeppelin 2016)
LZ 1970-03-28 Dallas + 03-29 Houston (Graf Zeppelin 2020)

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  1. Jan D : Very nice, thank you.

  2. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  3. Awesome, thank you!

  4. Missing tracks from 1977-06-21 are below Add them to the folders and they will match the MD5.

    The Song Remains The Same - Graf Zeppelin first version :

    The Song Remains The Same - Graf Zeppelin New Mastering:

  5. Yes, thanks for these, and also the fix to the 621 shows. jsl.

  6. Many thanks for all. Any chance of getting one of these ?
    Newcastle 1969-06-20
    Kansas City 1969-11-05
    Houston 1970-03-29
    Hampton 1970-08-17
    Charlotte 1972-06-09
    Philadelphia 1972-06-13
    Portland 1972-06-17
    Newcastle 1972-12-01
    Cardiff 1972-12-12
    Offenburg 1973-03-24
    Houston 1973-05-16
    Denver 1973-05-25
    Baltimore 1973-07-23 ?
    I haven't seen them floating around for a long time.

    1. I'm only sharing what I found on dimeadozen.
      It seems these boots aren't there... Sorry

  7. Thank you for the quick answer.

  8. Are any of the dates soundboards or EX+ AUD?