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Judas Priest - 1991-01-23 - Rio de Janeiro, BR (TV/FLAC)

(TV broadcast FLAC)

Venue and date: Estádio do Maracanã, Rock in Rio II Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23rd January 1991
Special features: Live versions of All Guns Blazing and Painkiller.
Audio source and quality: TV broadcast, very good to excellent quality. No notable errors.

01 - Intro/Hell Bent for Leather
02 - Grinder
03 - The Hellion/Electric Eye
04 - All Guns Blazing
05 - Metal Gods
06 - The Ripper
07 - Beyond the Realms of Death
08 - Victim of Changes
09 - Painkiller
10 - The Green Manalishi
11 - Breaking the Law
12 - Living After Midnight
13 - You've Got Another Thing Comin'

This show is famous as a bootleg video, but the audio part is also available separatedly. Recorded at the Rock in Rio 2 festival in 1991, this performance had one the largest audiences Judas Priest have ever played to. I've included both the video and audio here, marking the first time I've uploaded a full-size DVD.

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