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The Cramps - 1977-1979 - Early live + demos (VAR/FLAC)

(Various FLAC)

The Cramps 
Various vinyl bootleg-sourced demos & live bits, as shown below. 

Lineage info (for all tracks) :- 
Bootleg vinyl -> unknown hi-fi record deck -> Nakamichi 3-head dual capstan cassette deck (record, possibly with Dolby B turned on) -> TDK-SA (Type II) cassette tape 

Conversion to FLAC :- 
Master TDK-SA source tape -> Aiwa AD-F770 Cassette Deck (play, with Dolby NR off) -> SB Extigy soundcard -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp 

1. Hurricane Fighter Plane 
2. I'm Cramped 
3. Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk 
4. What's Behind The Mask 
5. Love Me 
6. Teenage Werewolf 
7. Sunglasses After Dark 
8. TV Set 
9. Strychnine 
10. I'm Cramped 
11. Twist & Shout 
12. Teenage Werewolf 
13. Rockin' Bones 
14. Mad Daddy 
15. Weekend On Mars 
16. The Way I Walk 
17. Everybody's Moving 
18. Domino 
19. Rocket In My Pocket 
20. Human Fly 
21. Rockin' Bones 
22. Teenage Werewolf 
23. Sunglasses After Dark 

Total length of this compilation = 74 minutes approx. 

Tracks 01 - 02: 
Live at Max's, Kansas City 
January 1977 

Track 03: 
Live at CBGB's, New York 
10th June 1977 

Tracks 04 - 08: 
Richard Robinson demos/out-takes 
Studio recordings 
June 1977 

Tracks 09-10: 
Alex Chilton demos/out-takes 
Memphis studio recordings 
October 1977 

Tracks 11 - 15: 
Chris Spedding demos/out-takes 
Recorded at Hot House Studio, New York, 
February 1979 

Tracks 16 - 23: 
Recorded live at the Keystone Club, 
Palo Alto, California, USA 
(originally broadcast on KFAT FM radio) 
February 1979 

Bootleg vinyl sources :- 
Tracks 01 - 02 are from the bootleg 7" single "Dance Of The Cannibals Of Sex" (FAMOUS LUX - LUX 102). 
Tracks 03 - 15 are from the bootleg LP "Tales From The Cramps" (CAVE RECORDS 001). 
Tracks 16 - 25 are from the bootleg LP "Same As The Cavemen" (What's The Beef Records – SO WHAT 2). 

Tracks 01 - 03 are live audience recordings, and as such of lower quality (but still considerably better than the CBGB's mp3 version that's here:- 
which sounds as if the tape it was sourced from has been put through a mangle or something!). 
The rest of the tracks were originally taken from the mixing desk/soundboard, and are mostly of at least very good quality. 

Note that, although some of these could probably benefit from it, I have used no equalization, noise reduction or "click and pop" filtering whatsoever on the tapes of the bootleg vinyl recordings, they have been left exactly as they were recorded originally, as far as my playback equipment and soundcard was able to reproduce and capture them. If anyone has the time and wants to try doing so (i.e. NR), please feel free to upload an alternative cleaned up copy if possible, unfortunately I don't have the time to do it at the moment (and I do know from prior experience that click-and-pop removal in e.g. CoolEdit Pro can take ages to do properly, i.e. without overly affecting the original musical quality or making it sound too "digitally" compressed).

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