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Jack Bruce, Blues Saraceno, Simon Phillips - 1992-06-28 - Warsaw, PL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Jack Bruce, Blues Saraceno, Simon Phillips 
Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 1992, Sala Kongresowa, Warszawa, Poland 

Jack Bruce: bass, vocals 
Simon Phillips: drums 
Blues Saraceno: el-guitar 

01. Life On Earth (4:51) 
02. White Room (8:06) 
03. City Of Gold (4:50) 
04. Born Under A Bad Sign (11:51) 
05. Make Love (Part II) (6:07) 
06. Grease The Wheels (5:14) 
07. Keep It Down (8:35) 
08. Rollin' And Tumblin' (7:34) 
09. Sitting On Top Of The World (6:53) 
10. Simon Phillips Drum Solo (9:17) 
11. Politician (7:41) 
12. Sunshine Of Your Love (18:19) 
13. Spoonful (11:29) 
14. Crossroads (5:42) 


I got this in a CDR trade from someone in Poland without a date, only Summer Jazz Days 1992. I collected some info on this from the Dime archives, which I copied below, but those were all shorter versions. 

I never knew what the lineage was so anything beyond "CDR > copy to HD > Sox > FLAC" is impossible for me to tell. There is some broadcast static here and there so this is definitely from a broadcast. 

Then there was some unclarity regarding the date. 31 August 1992 (according to or 28 June 1992 (according to Most circulating live recordings use 1992-08-31 and that might be the source for entry. Maybe that was the date of the broadcast? Maybe Jack Bruce played another gig at the same venue on 31 August? Anyway, this is from the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 1992, 28 June 1992, and longer than was seeded before. 

The message to bounced. But this is the reply I got from the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days organisation: 
"The concert Jack Bruce took place as part of the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days festival and was one of three concerts on the last day of it's first edition in 1992. Only our archives are reliable, because we organized this concert. He performed on June 28, 1992. In August we were on vacation! Greetings, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days Team" 

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