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Pete Townshend - Odds & Sods Vol 2 Extended (STU/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Studio FLAC)

Soundboard -> Bootleg -> EAC Secure Mode -> Wav -> Flac.

01 - Lone Ranger Street Music Reduction
02 - Lone Ranger Reduction (Take 1)
03 - Swimming Pool Sequence
04 - Bedroom Music 1
05 - Bedroom Music 2 (Take 1)
06 - Bedroom Music 3 (Take 1)
07 - Bedroom Music 4
08 - Townshend Guitar Solo Piece
09 - My Brother & I (Frankenstein Sequence)
10 - Electronic Sounds Test
11 - Tommy Demos Medley Intro
12 - Overture,It's a Boy,1929,Acid Queen,Underture,
++ - Do You Think It's Alright,Fiddle About, She's a Sensation
13 - Piledriver
14 - I Dont Even Know Myself
15 - Going Mobile
16 - Dogs
17 - Sheraton Gibson
18 - Affirmation
19 - However Much I Booze (Goring Session)
20 - Parvardigar
21 - Day Of Silence (#2)

This set appears to be experimental in nature. 
Some interesting and noteworthy tunes appear here. 
First, there's a collaboration between Townshend and Speed Keene (Thunderclap Newman)
on 'Electronic Sounds Test/Piledriver' (Part of the very rare 'Double Pisces' soundtrack) 

'The Tommy Demos' were identical to The Tommy Demos/Alternate Tommy (Yellow Dog/Fire Power)
And Have been Replaced with those Demos as they are better Quality than the originals first used on Vol 2.
As these Tommy Demos are well circulated and indroduced as a selection, I thought i would make them 
into single track, That way people that have these on other boots can easily skip track and move past them.

The origin Odds & Sods Vol 2. only ran for about 60 mins
This version has been extended by replacing the Tommy Demos that had been faded out early ... 
I've also replaced the following tracks with better quality or longer versions that were faded out on Vol 2.
14 - I Dont Even Know Myself
15 - Going Mobile

Plus 2 added tracks not on the original Odds & Sods Vol 2
18 - Affirmation 
19 - However Much I Booze (Goring Session) 

This Version has been Fully Retracked,
Some songs that were previously cut in half have been put back into 1 track, 
and some songs that were two songs on a single track have been turned into 2 tracks.

There was a few micro gaps on One Track that i have removed.
I made no hiss reductions or other filterings of any kind.
but some song have had the volumes raised or lowered
to make all songs around the same playback volumes.
This was done by Amplifying ... Not by Normalising.

General sound quality is very good until track 19 
where the last few tracks go down in Quality.
But were still worth including.

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