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Boz Scaggs - 1994-06-26 - Sausalito, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Plant

KFOG-FM Broadcast recording

Master Maxell XLII-S > Audacity > wav > TLH fix sector boundary errors > flac (L8)

Boz Scaggs - guitar, vocals
Scott Plunkett - keyboards

01 Introduction
02 Sierra
03 Some Change
04 Interview 1
05 Fly Like A Bird
06 Interview 2
07 Lowdown
08 Interview 3
09 Loan Me A Dime
10 Interview 4
11 We're All Alone
12 Outro

Total time 46:43

Justdave's notes:
This is my new favorite boot in my collection. It may be a little short (could have listened to Boz do a full set this way) but this show is great!! Boz Scaggs doing an acoustic set in front of about 20 lucky people. Every song is a highlight delivered in that silky smooth way that Boz is known for. I found myself hitting replay on every track the first time I listened to this. A couple songs got repeated a few times, "Loan Me A Dime", "Sierra" & "Lowdown" actually. I made a CD of this show and it has remained in my cars player for three days now! That's a record trust me! If you're a Boz Scaggs fan I really recommend you download this show and add it to your collection. If you don't really know Boz Scaggs' music this is a great introduction. My wife who hadn't heard Boz before said I needed to get more stuff from him. I reassured her there is more Boz to come.

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