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The Clash - 1981-05-10 - Amsterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

This here now is a radio remastered, sweet sixteen hits machine... 'The Clash - Live In Amsterdam '81 (v2008)' 

- "New FM Radio Source (2008) Dutch Radio has rebroadcast the concert including 16 songs in good FM quality. Much like the old 7 song broadcast it is of a very good quality." 
...To say the doubleplusgood least about this excellent new lease on life. 
- Files in same form as found c/o The Edge of T.U.B.E. 
- (No Police On My Back) Total Running Time - 56:44 
- CDR Artwork incl. 
- Full-song soundcloud samples, two from the new nine mine par moi (in comments look out for those shouts, drunk down below) 

Japp Edenhall, Amsterdam 

Source: 2008 FM Broadcast>?>.wav>.flac 

01. London Calling 
02. The Leader 
03. Somebody Got Murdered 
04. White Man in Hammersmith Palais 
05. The Guns of Brixton 
06. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) 
07. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 
08. This Is Radio Clash 
09. Charlie Don't Surf 
10. The Magnificent Seven 
11. Bankrobber 
12. Train in Vain 
13. Career Opportunities 
14. Clampdown 
15. One More Time 
16. I Fought the Law 

Old FM Radio Recording Info : 
Dutch radio recorded the concert and broadcast seven songs. The songs chosen reflect the major musical changes happening in the band with a run of 3 lengthy Clash rap/funk songs: Lightning Strikes, Radio Clash and Magnificent Seven, sandwiched between more traditional Clash fayre of London Calling, White Man in Hammersmith Palais, Bankrobber and I Fought The Law. 

There are 3 circulating versions of this source. The original 7-song source has marginally better sound than the 8-song source found on the end of Stockholm’s Burning (and on the end of the full audience source). The 8th song is One More Time with markedly poorer sound but from the soundboard radio source, suggesting that the rest of the concert may circulate from this source one day. 

The radio station mix has Mick’s guitar in the left channel and Joe’s in the right, with vocals, bass and drums centred. A highly enjoyable sound reflecting the move away from the lead guitar dominance of the concert sound mix in 1980 (especially the May/June dates) to the pared down lead guitar sound and greater prominence of the rhythm section and vocals on this tour. 

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  1. The artwork's a bummer : it should be Jaap instead of Japp. Jaap Eden was a famous Dutch iceskater.

  2. Many thanks for sharing, much appreciated.