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Van Halen - 1983-05-29 - San Bernadino, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Glen Helen Park

**The `1983 US Festival**

*****NOTES from Daves PA rental******
This is the best version of the VH set at the US Festival that I have ever heard.  It is from the Video Master...very clean.
On d01track01 there are two minor "pops". I forgot to save the log file for d01track08.  There were no errors. 
There is an edit at the beginning of "You Really Got Me" where the VHS source runs out.
I spliced together "You Really Got Me" from the "Van Halen Mix Tape: Live And Demos" that I posted a few months ago.  
Almost a flawless splice, except the croud gets a bit louder.

Given to me (Daves PA rental) to share with the STG community by Matt Fuggi (thanks Matt!!!)
Lineage: Master Video > VHS copy > CDR > EAC (Secure) .WAV > .SHN
Taped by: ?
Transfered by: Daves PA rental

Bootleg Title: "Old No. 7"
File Size: 966 MB (SHN)

Disc 1:
01. Romeo Delight
02. Unchained > Drum Solo
03. Full Bug
04. Running With The Devil
05. Jamie's Cryin'
06. So This Is Love
07. Little Guitars
08. Bass Solo > Dancing In The Streets
09. Somebody Get Me A Doctor > Girl Gone Bad Jam > I'm So Glad > Somebody Get Me A Doctor
10. Dance The Night Away
11. Cathedral > Secrets
12. Everybody Wants Some

Disc 2:
01. Ice Cream Man
02. Intruder > Pretty Woman
03. Guitar Solo
04. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
05. Bottoms Up
06. You Really Got Me >Happy Trails > You Really Got Me

While both versions are soundboards, this version differs quite a bit in sound quality.  In "Cali. Calling," the audience tends to overwhelm the music, in "Old No. 7," the instrument and vocal clarity is amazing, almost to a studio release quality. So now you can hear Van Halen in all their drunken glory as, ironically, possibly the best Van Halen recording is one of their worst recorded live performances.

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