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New Order - 1989-06-16 - Irvine, CA (SBD/FLAC)

New Order - 1989-06-16 - Irvine, CA
(Soundboard FLAC)

New Order 
1989/06-16 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA 

Source: ATR-STASH mixer 
Lineage: SBD (ATR-STASH box-o-tapes) --> ??? (see below) --> FLAC via Sam (lammah) --> 
--> SoundForge (DC offset, pitch correction, old SBE removal, glitch fixing) --> CD Wave (re-tracksplitting) --> FLAC --> you 

Per Sam (lammah), the actual lineage for where I have "???" is most likely thus: 
SBD (band's DAT(0) or a clone thereof) --> CD-R --> CD-R --> CD-R --> FLAC --> ... (detailed above) 

NOTE - This differs slightly from the original seed of this gig. Some glitches were corrected, and there were old SBE's (not detectable by shntool - ugh!) that I had to manually remove. I also fixed up the levels a bit. In all, it's a great improvement on the original seed (located here: 

The exact fixes are detailed in this post here (also read the one above it for more info): 

In addition, some levels issues were fixed, DC offset absolutely corrected, and just generally made to be the definitive version of this gig. 

*NOTE* In that linked post you see mention of a possible stutter during the Mr Disco intro - I am of the opinion that it's not a stutter per-se, in fact a similar "glitch" has been heard at a similar point in other performances of this song. For that reason, I did not attempt to fix it. The SBE during the very same intro, however, HAS been removed in this fixed reseed. 

It's strongly suggested you download this even if you pulled the original down earlier. Unless you like your Mr Disco intro interrupted by a nasty old SBE that is ;) 

01 Ceremony 
02 True Faith 
03 Age Of Consent 
04 Dream Attack 
05 All The Way 
06 Mr Disco 
07 Your Silent Face 
08 Vanishing Point 
09 Round And Round 
10 Temptation 
11 Bizarre Love Triangle 
12 The Perfect Kiss 
13 All Day Long 
14 Fine Time 

Total time: 74:35ish 

Another glorious SBD recording of New Order's USA89 tour, this time from Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA. Lineage is the same stash-o-soundboards from (most likely) Hooky's Suite 16 recording studio, liberated by Brian Whittaker (Revenge touring bassist) via eBay, but previous to selling copied amongst the NO trading community in the UK. 

From a post by OldMonkey on STG: 
"A box of mixing desk tapes was found in a rehearsal studio used by Peter Hook. They were advertised on E-bay by Brian Whittaker, former Revenge live guitarist. David Sultan of the website "World in Motion" paid over £500 to win the auction. Before they were sent to David though, they were copied amongst the Manchester bootlegging fraternity, and are now widely available in the UK and wider. Coincidentally (or otherwise, and this is where it gets good), the majority of the shows in this box were the complete gigs from the tracks used on the live disc of Retro (plus quite a few other gigs). It appears as though Hooky meant for them to find their way to the bootleg hardcore......." 

This thing sounds just as phenomenal as all the other ATR/STASH soundboards posted recently. 

From the original thread: 
By far, the ultimate best quality soundboard of New Order I've EVER heard - including any of the official live releases (_Retro_ disc 4 tracks, BBC Glastonbury '87, etc). Sound is absolutely pristine, crisp, well-mixed, you name it. A beautiful recording from a woefully under-documented era in their career, and representative of what some consider the last classic New Order tour where you just might possibly hear something dug up from their archives (here, it's "All Day Long") - as opposed to the fixed setlists from '93 or the rarely-changing 2001/2002 gigs. 

I got this in a trade from Sam (lammah) and the original FLACs were too fast pitch-wise. I fixed it up in SoundForge and re-FLACed it, after redoing tracksplits in CD Wave to eliminate any SBEs. I'll leave it up to Sam to further expand on the lineage - he told me to put this up here so he could get the fixed version himself. 

If any New Order bootleg/live tape was ready for immediate official release as the "official" live album, this would be a top candidate sound quality-wise. If there are better-sounding soundboards of them prior to the Get Ready era, I've not heard them.

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