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The Cure - 1992-05-03 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Kilburn National

XFM broadcast (FM0)

Taper : Unknown (Friend of M Beaton)
Equip : Unknown Reciever > Unknown DAT deck
Lineage : DAT Master at 32khz > DAT CLone (acquired in 1992) > wt2496 > CEPRO > CDWAV > CD MASTER > EAC > FLAC

Originally posted by SZ (Thanks!!!)


01. Tape
02. Open
03. High
04. Pictures of You
05. Lullaby
06. Doing the Unstuck
07. Just Like Heaven
08. Apart
09. A Night Like This
10. Wendy Time
11. The Walk
12. Lets Go To Bed
13. Friday Im In Love
14. Inbetween Days
15. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
16. Fascination Street
17. Never Enough
18. Cut
19. End
20. crowd
21. In Your House
22. M
23. Three Imaginary Boys
24. Boys Dont Cry
25. Charlotte Sometimes
26. crowd
27. Primary
28. A Strange Day
29. A Forest

Remaster notes: About 15 pops, mostly left channel, were removed from various songs in this set. Volume boosted slightly, and light EQ applied. All DJ chatter and station IDs have been removed. After End, 1:34 of crowd noise was removed. After BDC, 1:28 of crowd noise was removed. But don't worry, there is plenty of crowd left, and all tuning or anything interesting was left in. This show is otherwise complete.

All remastering by terrapinstation 2009-03-30

SZ's Original Notes : A friend of MB taped this on DAT off the Radio For MB, later in 92 I recieved a clone of this from MB. The sound is crystal clear, and it is considered by many as the definitive version of this gig. For this Dime torrent, the first track was left off to conform to dime rules as it was a taper version of Peter Garbriels "Games without Frontiers" played over the PA. Everything else is complete. If after all this you still feel you do not have enough info, sorry thats the best we could do. Hopefully it passes all your advanced Trimetric polymorphic shuttlecock compression testor wing dings (your mp3 picture tools), and if it doesnt, then simply erase it from your hard drive and move on. If you're going to believe some goofy piece of software over what I tell you, why even bother doing a text file. 

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  1. It's not because I like them, but if you like music a little, you should listen to it.