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The Clash - 1981-05-23 - Firenze, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Clash 
Impossible Mission Tour 
Stadio Comunale, Firenze - Italy 
23rd of May 1981 

Known lineage: 
unkn gen 2x TDK-D c60 tape cassettes > Audacity 2.0 & SoundForge 10 wav audio aquisition, 
audio editing and tracks splitting > FLAC frontend flac audio files encoding (level=5), ffp flac files fingerprints > 
mkwACT md5 whole file set signature> dime> you. 

Joe Strummer: lead vocals, rhythm guitar 
Mick Jones: lead guitar, vocals 
Paul Simonon: bass guitar, backing vocals 
Nicky "Topper" Headon: drums 

01. Intro (PA recorded music, Sixty Seconds To What? by Ennio Morricone) (01:53) 
02. London Calling (03:19) 
03. Safe European Home (03:21) 
04. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (04:07) 
05. Train In Vain (04:37) 
06. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) (04:16) 
07. Junco Partner (04:15) 
08. The Guns Of Brixton (04:34) 
09. This Is Radio Clash (05:04) 
10. Complete Control (03:55) 
11. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe (02:49) 
12. The Call Up (05:55) 
13. The Leader (01:49) 
14. Charlie Don’t Surf (05:07) 
15. The Magnificent Seven (05:54) 
16. Bankrobber (04:18) 
17. Wrong 'Em Boyo > Somebody Got Murdered (06:53) 
18. Career Opportunities (02:11) 
19. Clampdown (05:13) 
20. One More Time (05:04) 
21. Brand New Cadillac (01:57) 
22. Janie Jones (02:31) 
23. Encore break I (audience noise) (00:53) 
24. Jimmy Jazz (04:34) 
25. Armagideon Time (04:39) 
26. London’s Burning (02:47) 
27. Encore break II (audience noise) (00:53) 
28. I Fought the Law > White Riot (06:06) 
29. Outro (PA recorded music, speaker announcement) (02:19) 

Total running time: about 02:11:00 

notes by the taper
I received this in a tape trade many years ago. The original source is a double vinyl in shops to the time of that tour. This is the second of the two audience recordings rated on blackmarketclash website. The audio is quite decent. It's saturated in many volume peaks but is still in some way pleasant to listen. I've worked a little the sound applying mainly de-crackle, and 60 Hz hum removal filters for reduce distortions and clean up the sound as much as possible. Probably was the most awaited italian gig ever of the band which was attended by over 15,000 people. It was also the last date for that tour. Enjoy it! 

blackmarketclash notes: 
2nd complete audience recording 
A tape from a second source recording has the best sound of all, although this is maybe a matter of personal choice. It too is a copy or two off the master and so suffers from a drop in clarity and crispness. It’s winning characteristic is it has a more exciting dynamic sound which captures the brilliance of the performance the best. Mick’s excellent guitar playing is heard very well indeed, bass is quite good and vocals are clearer and less distant. On the negative side there is considerable distortion that gives a somewhat shrill sound at times. Chat near the taper may be a problem to some but actually adds to the atmosphere of an historic concert and is not detrimental enjoyment-wise. An upgrade to the master would be very welcome indeed as the master recording was clearly a very good one. Bankrobber is complete on this source but an edit on The Leader loses about 20 seconds. By adding The Leader from the first source to the second source you have the complete concert in the best sound. A very enjoyable bootleg with a sound that is good enough to really appreciate the excellence of  The Clash’s performance. 

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