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Black Sabbath - 2016-01-22 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

United Center 

--Greta and Earl-- 
--16 bit-- 

sound professionals cmc8(w/low sensitivty modification>sp sbs 11@16(open)>mic in>r9(24/48)>4gb memory card>pc>audition>cd wave>tlh flac>you 

The volume was amplified by 3db via audition. The tracks were cut and converted to 16 bit cd using cd wave. 

--there was a click that was removed at the end of track two, but it does not affect any music or ozzy speaking. Please adjust your notes, the 24bit version will have this in the notes. sorry-- 

The mics unplugged from the battery box at the start of the show. The first track kicks in when Ozzy sings "That stands before me." 

Ozzy Osbourne-vocals 
Tony Iommi-Guitar 
Geezer Butler-Bass 
Tommy Clufetos-Drums 

01) Black Sabbath (incomplete) 
02) Fairies Wear Boots 
03) After Forever 
04) Into The Void 
05) Intros 
06) Snowblind 
07) War Pigs 
08) Behind the Wall of Sleep 
09) Basically 
10) NIB 

11) Hand of Doom (start here for disc 2) 
12) Rat Salad (Drum Solo) 
13) Iron Man 
14) God Is Dead 
15) Under The Sun 
16) Dirty Women 
17) Paranoid 
18) Children of the Grave 

As good as a show as you can expect from men their age. Ozzy has his off moments but overall puts in a good performance. A beaming Iommi rips solo after solo, Geezer and Tommy keep the fat bubbling away all night to a packed United Center, home of the awesome Chicago Blackhawks. Not a bad setlist. You get all the usual tracks, with a pair of deep cuts, including Under The Sun. Great lively recording. Too bad that there was a brief gremlin attack. 

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