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U2 - 1983-06-21 - Orlando, FL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Jai Alai Fronton Hall

Attendance:  3,029 (capacity 3,500)
Support:  The Alarm

cdr (obtained in trade, unknown taper/equipment/lineage) > EAC to wav > FlAC Frontend 1.7.1. to FLAC Level 6

Disc 1 (43:5)
1 - Out of Control
2 - Twilight
3 - An Cat Dubh
4 - Into the Heart
5 - Surrender
6 - Two Hearts Beat as One
7 - Seconds
8 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
9 - Cry-Electric Co.

Disc 2 (37:09)

1 - I Fall Down
2 - October
3 - New Year's Day
4 - Gloria
5 - Party Girl
6 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
7 - I Will Follow
8 - 40

Pimm tells us:
"A few days off in Florida allow the band to continue to recover after the debacle in Los Angeles.  Snippets of Singing in the Rain are included in Two Hearts Beat as One. I Fall Down is interrupted because of heavy pushing in the front.  'You see the white flags that we have at the back of the stage?  That means nobody gets hurt when we play.'  It's a hot night in Florida and the airconditioning isn't at its best.  'Have you any air to breathe down there?' Bono asks during the encore.  "Well, if you have, just breathe it this way, OK?"

This concert starts off with what was presumably a local DJ hyping up the crowd with his introduction...the quality is pretty good, maybe 4 to 4.5/5, so wonder if this was a radio broadcast someone taped, or just a pretty nice audience recording.  Justin mentions a conversion performed by Dana Fletcher from cassette, so maybe he knows more about this...Justin describes his version as "...almost sounds like there was a blanket over the taper's microphones.  Audience noise is virtually non-existent" -- The versions on and at Justin's site have this one one cd, with Cat Dubh and Into the Heart as a single version, and the one for which Lars made cover art (available at the archives) has this as a two disc version, 9/8 track split, and Cat Dubh/Into the Heart separated.  Although one could potentially combine these and overburn into an 80 minute disc, I decided it would be easier for most to just post this as a two cd set.

There is a two second glitch at 2:56 of Electric Co.

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