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A-ha - 1994-06-19 - Saint-Petersburg, RU (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Date: 1994-06-19 
Venue: BKZ Oktyabrsky, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

Quality: VHSRip, DVD5 (custom) 
Chapters: Yes 
Format: DVD video 
Video codec: MPEG2 
Audio codec: AC3 
Video: PAL; 720x576; 4:3, 9200 kbps; 25 fps 
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3; 224 kbps; 48 kHz; 2.0 mono 

01. I've Been Losing You 
02. Cry Wolf 
03. I Call Your Name 
04. The Swing Of Things 
05. Angel In The Snow 
06. Touchy! 
07. The Blood That Moves The Body 
08. Dark Is The Night For All 
09. Memphis To Move 

10. 1TV report (17 min.) 

Duration: 46:48 
Description: The first concert in Russia & the last gig of the tour, as part of the Festival "White Nights" of St. Petersburg. 
Extra: a report of 1TV, which includes performance of the song "Hunting Hight And Low". 

So it was not "Ending on a high note" in 2011, as "Cast on steel" will be released the forthcoming 4th of september... It's always difficult to find good live material from A-ha. A-ha fan community is recognized as one of the worst efficient network in term of solid audio or video bootlegs. This upload just to contradict this state of facts.

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