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Lou Reed - 1984-2003 - UK TV Appearances (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Lineage (track 04):
TV > Virgin+ box > Panasonic DMR-E100H DVD Recorder > DVD > DVDDecrypter > PC

format: pal | bitrate: 4.22 Mbps | aspect: 4:3 | codec: mpeg2 | resolution: 704x576 | frames/sec: 25.00

codec: lpcm | sampling: 48 khz | 256 kbps | mono & stereo | dolby digital

Hopefully you will like this TV compilation of Lou Reed/Velvet Underground UK TV programmes that I taped over the years.
All (apart from track 04) were recorded by me onto VHS tape. Track 04 was from my Virgin+ box to my DVD recorder.

Lineage (except track 04): TV > Either B&O VHS Recorder or Mitsubishi HS-561V VHS Recorder > My VHS tapes > Panasonic NV-FJ610 VHS Player > Panasonic DMR-E100H DVD Recorder > DVD > DVDDecrypter > PC

Whistle Test (originally broadcast 18th December 1984 on BBC TWO TV) - 8:28
01 I Love You, Suzanne
02 Interview
03 Doin' The Things That We Want To

Whistle Test (part of the same session as above but not broadcast until the late 1990s on BBC TV - my version was broadcast in 2007 on BBC FOUR TV) - 3:27
04 I'm Waiting For The Man

The White Room (originally broadcast 22nd April 1995 on Channel 4 TV - billed as Dave Stewart featuring Lou Reed) - 14:21
05 Dirty Boulevard
06 Jealousy (a Dave Stewart song with Lou contributing some vocals and guitar)
07 Walk On The Wild Side

The White Room (originally broadcast 10th February 1996 on Channel 4 TV) - 9:47
08 Hookywooky
09 Satellite Of Love

The White Room (part of the same session as above but not broadcast until 2nd March 1996 on Channel 4 TV) - 4:29
10 Sex With Your Parents

Later...With Jools Holland (originally broadcast 20th May 2000 on BBC TWO TV) - 6:48
XX Sweet Jane (officially released on Later...Giants DVD in UK and Later...Legends DVD in US)
XX Modern Dance (sorry, didn't tape this song!)
11 Rock Minuet

Later...With Jools Holland (originally broadcast 16th May 2003 on BBC TWO TV) - 13:33
12 Interview
13 Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)
14 Perfect Day (with Antony Hegarty sharing some of the vocals)

The Velvet Underground - The South Bank Show (originally broadcast 27th April 1986 on ITV TV) - 52:53
15 Documentary with great clips (for instance two 1 minute clips in colour of Heroin & I'm Waiting For The Man from Le Bataclan 29th Jan 1972) and interviews

The Velvet Underground - A Film By Rosalind Stevenson (originally broadcast December 1993 at the end of a 7.5 hour Velvet Underground evening on Channel 4 TV
called Peel Slowly And See, introduced by Debbie Harry) - 5:21
16 Sunday Morning
(a b/w film of Lou Reed, John Cale & Sterling Morrison rehearsing with the sound of the official version dubbed over and stretched to 5:21
- according to an interview between Rosalind Stevenson and the journalist Richie Unterberger this was in Rosalind's apartment in 1966
and was probably when they were actually running through the song Sunday Morning)

Total: 1 hour 59 minutes

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