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Pink Floyd - 1971-06-20 - Rome, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Palaeur, 
VG+/EX- (7-8/10)


Disc One (72:14)
01 - Atom Heart Mother (20:55)
02 - Careful With That Axe
03 - Eugene (15:32)
04 - Fat Old Sun (edited) (14:05)
05 - The Embryo (with kids & seabirds) (11:30)

06 - Astronomy Domine (10:07)

Disc Two (71:56) 
01 - The Return Of The Son Of Nothing (26:22)
02 - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (12:41)
03 - Cymbaline (with footsteps) (12:58)
04 - A Saucerful Of Secrets (19:52) 

The last night of the tour, and the last time the band would play in Italy for nearly seventeen years. Gilmour’s guitar went out halfway through “Atom Heart Mother,” but he either fixed the problem or used another guitar to finish the piece.

Note: Due to space limitations, and wanting to preserve the integrity and the length of the recording, the encore, “Astronomy Domine” was placed at the end of Disc One, so as to avoid a “Disc Three” with only one track. This track however, can be put on a third disc by itself, if you so desire. It isn't tied to the other tracks on disc one in any way.

“Fat Old Sun” was split into two pieces on my tapes, and were edited (crossfaded) together without any noticeable gaff. "Kids & seabirds" during "The Embryo" refers to the "Kids playing" sound effect tape they used, as well as David playing his guitar backwards (seabirds) through a "Wha-wha" pedal to obtain that familair sound they would use on "Echoes". "Footsteps" during "Cymbaline" refers to the demostration of the quadraphonic Azimith Co-ordinator as a mid-break in the song. This is noted on all of my posts. 

Stereo re-alignment was corrected as it was off, and the output levels were increased by scan, 1-4 dB as needed throughout the document for a fuller dynamic range. No noise reduction or equalization was used. A low (but unknown) generation tape from The Pink Floyd Archives.

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