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Son Volt - 2009-07-17 - Saratoga, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Montalvo Garden Theatre
Saratoga, California USA
Opening For The Cowboy Junkies

Core Cardioid>Zoom H2>Cool Edit>Flac

01. The Picture
02. Underground Dream
03. Down To The Wire
04. Dust Of Daylight
05. Highways And Cigarettes
06. Cocaine And Ashes
07. When The Wheels Dont Move
08. Ten Second News
09. Dynamite
10. Pushed Too Far
11. No Turning Back
12. Big Sur
13. Feel Free
14. Tear Stained Eye
15. Windfall
16. The Search
17. Bandages And Scars
18. Afterglow 61
19. Are You Sure Hank Would Have Done It This Way

First things first:
Wow, what a venue, absolutely beautiful and the entire staff (I mean entire) was very nice. We were seated front row just to the left of center stage. There was about 15 feet from us to the lip of the stage which was only about a foot high. The lead guitar is a little loud in the mix mostly because his amp was facing almost right at us.

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