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The Afghan Whigs - 2012-06-16 - Tel Aviv, Israel (FM/FLAC) by REQUEST

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Barby Club

*Complete Show*

Analog FM tuner > Zoom H1 (16-bit/44 kHz) > WAV > SD card > PC > Audacity (see notes) > TLH > FLAC

Rating: 9/10 (EX)
- Some commentaries between the tracks, but less than I expected.

Catalog: ANDY-006

01. Blame etc.
02. Uptown Again
03. Turn On The Water / Can't Find
04. Going To Town
05. Something Hot
06. When We Two Parted / Dead Body
07. Gentleman
08. 66
09. My Enemy
10. See and Don't See
11. Love Crimes
12. Fountain & Fairfax
13. Bulletproof
14. Summer's Kiss
15. Faded

16. If I Were Going
17. Debonair
18. Come See About Me
19. Omerta
20. Vampire

Total running time: 1:35:18

Editing notes:

- Fade in / out
- Volume boost
- Noise removal (successfully done at last!)
- Tracking

General Notes:
The first show was sold out, so they played one more night in Tel Aviv. Again the attendance was very good, so possibly they'll return in the future. After Track 10 Greg gets pissed off at someone going wild in the crowd or taking photos too close. During Track 11 Greg goes off-stage and walks between the audience. Track 12 ends with a "Smooth Criminal" teaser. Also at Track 20 there's a Beatles teaser. I'm unfamiliar with the songs, but I've tracked them quite accurately. If there's something wrong, please let me know. This show goes especially to erikdenning, who's been patiently waiting for it.

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