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Procol Harum - 1970-06-04 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

"Juicy John Peel"
BBC Radio One
12 live tracks + Peel introductions
rec. 4 June 1970 (broadcast 14 June)

Gary Brooker (voice & piano)
Chris Copping (bass, Hammond organ)
Robin Trower (guitar, bass, voice)
BJ Wilson (drums)

02 Still There'll Be More
04 Wish Me Well
06 About To Die
08 A Christmas Camel
10 Your Own Choice
12 The Devil Came From Kansas
14 Juicy John Pink
16 Well, I
18 Nothing That I didn't Know
20 A Salty Dog
22 Whisky Train
24 Whaling Stories

total time (including introductions):

recorded 4 June 1970 and broadcast 14 June on BBC Radio One as "The Sunday Show", hosted by the legendary John Peel whose introductions are in the odd-numbered tracks.

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