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Black Sabbath - 1969-1971 - Alternative Version (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Black Sabbath – Alternative Version 69-71
Hard rock
Year of issue: 2009
Label: Vertigo
Country of origin: Europe
Audio Codec: FLAC
Rip type: image + .cue
Recording format: 24/192
Distribution format: 24/192
Duration: did not count

A1 Black Sabbath (Minus Rain And With Alternative Lyrics)
A2 Evil Woman Don't Play Your Games With Me (With Hornes And Flute)
A3 The Wizard (With Jocular Banter)
A4 Planet Cravan (Alternative Lyrics)
B1 Rat Salad (Alternative Mix)
B2 Paranoid (Alternative Lyrics)
B3 Sweet Leaf (Alternative Lyrics)
B4 Children Of The Grave (Alternative Lyrics)
B5 Into The Void/Spanish Sid (Studio Outake Alternative Version)

Digitized source: by the author of the distribution
Vinyl Condition Class Code: Ex
Playback device: Technics SL-1210M3D with Shure M97 xE cartridge
Pre-amplifier: Shure M64A phono stage
ADC: E-MU Tracker Pre USB
Digitizer: Wavelab 6.0
Processing: No processing was performed.

The edition is a collection of alternative mixes that were not included in the duplicate albums, as well as trial recordings of newly composed songs (the lyrics have not yet acquired the form that we all know).

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