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Donovan - 1996-10-24 - Orcas Island, WA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Donovan (solo)
Orcas Center
Orcas Island, Washington
October 24, 1996

Promoting the new album "Sutras"

01. Introduction
02. Catch the Wind
03. Give it All Up
04. Colours
05. Eldorado
06. Universal Soldier
07. Please Don't Bend
08. Sunshine Superman
09. Nirvana
10. There is a Mountain
11. Everlasting Sea
12. Jennifer Juniper
13. Lady of the Lamp
14. Be Mine
15. Hurdy Gurdy Man
16. Barabajagal
17. Mellow Yellow
18. Season of the Witch

19. Atlantis
20. Sleep  

The music files had some odd noises that distracted from the otherwise stellar sound quality. Nothing that was loud and disturbing but the noises were there when you turned the volume up.
Recordings this nice deserved being scrubbed and polished of these minor defects. Most of those noises have now been removed and this is no longer as I got it. The minor repairs are subtle and you may not even notice them as the original torrent sounded so good.

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