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Dead Kennedys - 1981-04-11 - Washington, DC (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Dead Kennedys
April 11, 1981
9:30 Club,
Washington DC

unknown gen cass, but I would say it is pretty low in the gen world.

SBD>cass>?>cass>Azimuth>Audcaity>Normalized>DC Offsets>TLH>Flac>Dime

01. Man With the Dogs
02. When Ya Get Drafted
03. Terminal Preppie
04. Moral Majority
05. Kill The Poor
06. Let's Lynch the Landlord
07. Police Truck
08. Riot
09. Bleed for Me
10. Winnebago Warrior
11. Holiday in Cambodia
12. Too Drunk to Fuck
13. Jello 
14. California Uber Alles
15. I Kill Children
16. broken string & Jello
17. Forward to Death
18. Chemical Warfare

I got this form the same guy ig to the Brains 11-14-82 show from. And per ususal with a DK show, Jello asks for the vocals to be turned up. I think Jello does this with every show or if he doesnt,the vocs are already way up. You can hear someone asking for "I am the Wheel" before Fwd To Death and then Slim Whitman and Box Car Willie get requests too. The Jello says for the people who  can't in tonight,we're playing at the Marble Bar in Baltimore tomorrow(4/16/81),has  that been up yet? probably.

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