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New Order - 1993-08-29 - Reading, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Sunday 29th August 1993 
Source: BBC CD 

BBC Archives CD > iTunes (.WAV format) > SHN (Carbon Shorten) > TLH > WAV >Flac, level 8, align on sector boundaries 

01. Ruined In A Day 
02. Regret (Deleted,Officially Released On Retro) 
03. Dream Attack 
04. Round And Round 
05. World 
06. As It Is When It Was (Deleted,Officialy Released On Retro) 
07. Everyone Everywhere 
08. True Faith 
09. Bizarre Love Triangle 
10. Temptation 
11. The Perfect Kiss 
12. Fine Time 
13. Blue Monday

At the time, this gig was regarded by many as New Order's swansong; the fact that a good proportion of the audience thought this might be the group's last-ever gig added a special frisson and atmosphere for those of us who were there. Basically it's the same set as the rest of the (fraught)'93 tour but with, I think, a bit of extra fire. The show was broadcast in part by the BBC and other networks round the world. However, this BBC CD, taken straight from a broadcast quality CD (complete with reference to a certain pop star currently undergoing a court case for offences relating to children faded out!) is the complete show with all the songs in the right order. "BLT" and "Dream Attack" are particularly rare, not appearing on the well-known "Electronic Ecstasy" boot,, and will probably not have been heard in this quality before. This is, as far as I know, the first time the complete show* has been distributed, and it's a cracker. Sound quality is superb. I've done absolutely nothing to the files at all, figuring that if it's good enough for Auntie, it don't need no fiddlin' about with. 
All in all, one of my favourite-ever NO gigs. (*the only bit that are missing are a few short bits of between-song "banter")

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