sabato 21 novembre 2020

Lenny Kravitz - 1995-10-07 - Cologne, DE (TV/FLAC)

(TV broadcast FLAC)
Cologne, E-Werk
07 October 1995 (Rockpalast performance)

Cassette > Nakamichi DBX 2 > Audacity > Wav > Magix: Remove recorder hum, enhance mids & stereo image > CDWave > Adobe Audition > tlh

01) Tunnel Visions
02) Stop Draggin' Around
03) Circus
04) Always On The Run
05) Beyond The 7th Sky
06) Believe
07) Can't Get You Off My Mind
08) Fields Of Joy
09) What The ... Are We Saying [ending cut]
10) introductions
11) Mr. Cab Driver
12) Let Love Rule
13) It Ain't Over
14) Are You Gonna Go My Way
15) Rock'n'Roll Is Dead

This is the soundtrack to Lenny's appearance on Germany's Rockpalast TV show in 1995. The sound is more than decent, while not perfect and now improved after I worked on it a bit. Unfortunately, the greatest song on here - again, imho - has its ending cut off. There are fade outs & ins as this was spread over four cassette sides but none occur during the music. Supposedly, this comes from a radio broadcast but it sounds like a VCR source to me.

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