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Jethro Tull - 1991-08-26 - Los Angeles, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Jethro Tull 
August 26, 1991 
Rockline Radio Show - KLOS-FM - Los Angeles, CA USA plus bonus live CFR songs 

Source: FM Broadcast taken from the amjt release "Rockline 1991 plus CFR live tracks". 

Tracks 01-10 KLOS-FM Rockline interview with Bob Coburn and songs played "Live" in-studio 
Tracks 11-14 Live Catfish Rising tracks 

Ian Anderson - Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitar 
Martin Barre - Guitars and Mandolin 
Dave Pegg - Bass 
Doane Perry - drums 
Maartin Allcock - keyboards 

01 - Conversation [4:52] 
02 - Conversation and phone-in caller [4:17] 
03 - Conversation and phone-in caller [6:56] 
04 - When Jesus Came to Play (live in-studio) [7:19] 
05 - Rocks on the Road (live in-studio) [7:10] 
06 - Conversation and phone-in caller [5:41] 
07 - Conversation and phone-in caller [5:58] 
08 - Conversation and phone-in caller [2:39] 
09 - Fat Man (live in-studio) [7:26] 
10 - Aqualung/Locomotive Breath/Black Sunday (live in-studio) [5:25] 
11 - This Is Not Love [5:04] 
12 - Rocks on the Road [6:41] 
13 - Tall Thin Girl [4:59] 
14 - Still Loving You Tonight [4:42] 

Total Time ~ [79:09] 

One of the first releases (I think) of the amjt news group. Great Rockline interview with Ian, Martin and Dave Pegg and some bonus tracks of live Catfish Rising tracks from 1991. The in-studio live performances are very good and a real treat here as Rockline usually just plays the tracks on the radio and rarely to the artists actually perform live. I know the Band (these 3) where doing a bunch of radio shows and in-studio performances to promote CFR during the month of August 1991 leading up to the release of the album and there is another torrent on DIME that someone uploaded that has all of these other radio show performances and interviews they did during that promotion. Just do a search, you will find it here. This is one of my favorite Tull interviews and performances.

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